Kitchen Renovation Q&A

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Kitchen Renovation FAQs

It is not mandatory, as the decision to waterproof the kitchen is up to the homeowner. However, waterproofing is essential for bathrooms and toilets.
According to the "2011 Building Fire Safety Code," there are no specific regulations regarding the type of cooking appliances required for open kitchen designs. If an open kitchen is built according to approved building plans and is designed to accommodate open flames, it can be legally used without violating building regulations or other requirements.
There are renovation packages available in the market that offer "labour and materials" together. These packages usually provide basic and inexpensive materials. Since homeowners have limited choices in terms of styles, there are fewer hassles during the renovation process, making it easier to control costs. However, if homeowners find other materials they prefer during the renovation and decide to purchase them separately, the materials included in the package may go unused, and there may be no opportunity for a refund, resulting in potential double payment for materials and unnecessary expenses.