Material Selection

Kitchen Countertop Materials

In Hong Kong, many families consider seamless stone and quartz when choosing countertop materials. Seamless stone is relatively affordable, can achieve seamless joints, but its scratch and heat resistance are average, it may be easily affected by scratches and high temperatures, and may also have color spots problems with long-term use. Quartz has good wear resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance, is not easily affected by food stains, but the countertop joint will have small gaps.
In addition to this, there are other countertop material choices, including granite, marble, and stainless steel. Granite has the characteristics of wear resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance, but it may also be affected by food stains, and the countertop joint also has small gaps. Marble looks noble, but it is easy to scratch, not heat resistant, and its price is higher. As for stainless steel, although it has the advantages of heat resistance, easy cleaning, and not easily affected by food stains, it is easy to scratch, and there will also be small gaps at the countertop joints. In addition, the touch of stainless steel is relatively cold, which may not suit everyone's preferences.

These are the main choices of kitchen countertop materials in Hong Kong. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the material that suits your needs and budget is key.

Hot Countertop Stone Choices

Seamless Stone

  • More affordable
  • Can achieve seamless joints
  • Average scratch and heat resistance
  • Prone to staining


  • Has wear resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance
  • Less likely to stain
  • Some gaps at the seams

Hot Countertop Stone Choices


  • Has wear resistance, scratch resistance, and heat resistance
  • Prone to staining
  • Visible seams


  • Noble appearance
  • Easily scratched
  • Not heat resistant
  • More expensive

Stainless Steel

  • Heat resistant
  • Less likely to stain
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily scratched
  • Some gaps at the seams
  • Cold feel may not suit everyone

Kitchen Design

2023 Popular Tiles Guide

In 2023, there are a variety of tile choices, and the following are some popular and distinctive tile styles. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose the most suitable one. In short, choosing a suitable tile style according to your personal style and kitchen design needs can bring a unique aesthetic and style to the kitchen.

Popular Tile Choices

Bread Tiles

Bread tiles have two main styles to choose from. The first is the "beveled tile" with a strong stereoscopic feeling, suitable for creating an industrial-style kitchen. The second is the "flat edge tile" with a delicate texture, more suitable for minimalist style home kitchens.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles offer a variety of material choices, including ceramics, shells, glass, metal, and stone, etc. However, due to its diverse "sweeping" design, it requires more meticulous cleaning and maintenance.

Embossed Tiles

This type of tile has an embossed texture, which is a more unique choice. Its leaf pattern, circular lines, and other natural minimalist patterns can add a Nordic style feeling to the kitchen.

Imitation Marble Tiles

This type of tile can more realistically present the natural texture of marble in terms of patterns and completeness, which is very suitable for elegant kitchen decoration.

Portuguese Tiles

Portuguese tiles are characterized by their use of rich colors and patterns, suitable for creating a Mediterranean style kitchen.

Hexagonal Tiles

Hexagonal tiles come in a variety of patterns, including marble and faux cement tiles. Using them on kitchen walls can be eye-catching.

Geometry Tiles

Using geometric tiles as a design focus, coupled with a well-arranged paving method, can make the kitchen wall more interesting and become the focus of the whole house.

Imitation Cement / Clear Water Mold Tiles

Tiles with an imitation clear water concrete style are popular due to the rise of light industrial style.