Luxurious style can be divided into modern, Western, and Chinese styles, highlighting the owner's taste, making the home have a solemn and elegant feel. The difference between Chinese and Western luxury style and modern luxury style is that luxury style will add classical elements to the decoration. Western classical elements include carved borders, marble, gold edges, etc., and Chinese classical elements include embroidery, mahogany furniture, wood carvings, etc.

Low-key luxury style is derived from people's pursuit of quality and exquisite life. Low-key luxury style is also called "light luxury style". At the same time, it balances luxurious texture and modern and simple design, and achieves coordination to obtain the most perfect and comfortable home. Style has also become one of the hottest design style choices in recent years!

Light luxury style is actually based on simple style, and then highlights the texture through some exquisite and high-end soft decoration elements, making the monotonous space appear fuller and revealing good taste everywhere.

Although the light luxury style abandons excessively gorgeous decorations and has no redundant decorative shapes, it is still clearly different from the coldness of the Nordic style, bringing a luxurious and elegant life experience to the residents.