Since the introduction of Ikea, the Nordic style has gradually become popular in Hong Kong. The design concept of the Nordic style is "human-centered life", emphasizing practicality and craftsmanship, and will add some ingenuity, such as using bright colors to make the family's mood better, and because the style advocates nature, therefore the healing Nordic style is loved by people.
Nordic Style, also known as "Scandinavian" style. The "Scandinavia" mentioned here refers to three Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden, and Denmark (sometimes also including Finland, Iceland, and Greenland and other Nordic countries). "Scandinavian style" evolved from "Rococo style". In the "industrial design wave” that was popular in the 20th century, the simplicity of the Nordic style was pushed to the extreme. The Nordic style, known for its simplicity in the world, also indirectly affected the subsequent "minimalism", "postmodern" and other styles. The biggest feature of the Nordic style is to advocate nature, coupled with the fact that the Nordic region is in a low-temperature area, the sunlight time is relatively short, so they attach great importance to daylighting. In addition, in the Nordic style home design, they often use a lot of wooden furniture decoration, showing a coexistence with nature, leisure and relaxation atmosphere.