Last time I introduced you to some comparisons between the renderings and the actual scene of Haiyi Peninsula. This time I will introduce to you the actual completed drawings.

Designed into a U-shaped square pattern along three walls, it feels spacious and suitable for multiple people to cook together; the design of storing dishes and cutlery in drawers can restore the kitchen countertop to a larger space than before. In the drawer storage cabinet Effectively categorized, forks, spoons, and chopsticks all have their own places, making tableware preparation faster and more convenient. When the bathroom space is insufficient, the mirror cabinet and the cabinet under the sink play an important storage role. Use the mirror cabinet and bath cabinet to store all items to make the bathroom space clean and tidy. The LED mirror can bring a realistic reflection of the portrait. One of the styles, it adds lighting effects to the bathroom. It is different from other bathroom lighting designs. The perfect light can be said to be the most suitable light for makeup.
After the completion, the customers were very satisfied and said that the renderings were almost similar to the actual scene. There was no need to wait until the completion to find out the results. In addition to being able to quickly know the effect of the combination, the designer could also let the designer give you the best design based on their own preferences.